Common Don’ts of Fundraising in Los Angeles, CA; Poor Auction Items & Displays, Not Hiring a Professional Auctioneer & More

Many individuals and organizations are looking for ways to make money for their cause. Fundraising charity auctions is the most popular way. Some folks manage to have highly successful fundraising experiences with their benefit auctions, where others seem to fall significantly short of their goals. But what people may not understand, is that when their fundraiser fails, it is often because they were making mistakes. Today, we at Auctioneerist would like to share some of the most common fundraising mistakes people do at their auctions so that you can avoid them.

Poor Selection of Auction Items

It is fairly common that event managers have a difficult time turning down auction items that come in at the last minute; not wanting to offend any donors. But overcrowding can be serious, when that happens some items can be combined or just removed all together. For example, if 3 vintage figurines get donated separately at the last minute, consider combining them and labeling them as a collection. If they do not have any value, perhaps save them for the volunteers and hand them off as a thank you gift. You want your benefit auction to be clean and classy with the items offered in the auction.

Poor Auction Item Displays

Definitely avoid the excessive gift certificates scattered unattractively on a table at your benefit auction, one of the worst fundraising blunders. If a donor is insisting on a gift card/certificate ask if there is an appealing item that can be combined with it to draw in the attraction. If the donor declines, do your part to gussy up the gift certificates by displaying them with a nice gift bags or baskets, tissue paper and ribbons; throw in some inexpensive candles, oils, lotions, and soaps to draw in the attention. If there is a wine certificate, don’t hesitate to attach it a well dressed bottle of inexpensive, but tasteful bottle of wine. Avoid overcrowding on your display table. Make it spacious, festive and well framed. If people can’t see it, they don’t know they want it.

Poor Auction Sound

Invest in a professional auctioneer. Experience truly matters at auctions. When an auctioneer has no experience, talent, or sound quality, the dynamics change, the excitement is lost, and the energy is gone. Along with the professional auctioneer a great sound system is needed, especially if the venue is large. People like to hear what is going on. Without a good quality sound system, you will do good to have bidders participating in the front lines. Have everyone enjoy the event and have a good sound system.

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