Ideas for Items to Offer at Benefit Auctions

Auctioneerist Charity Auctions has compiled a helpful list of possible items to offer at your benefit auction. We can help choose and procure the right items for your benefit auction!

– Dinner experience
– Wine or Beer giveaway
– Horseback Riding
– Balloon Rides
– Skydiving
– Autographed items & memorabilia
– Dining With A Local Celebrity or Politician
– TV show tickets
– Vacation Getaways
– TV show theme events
– A Gourmet Meal Prepared By a Local Chef
– Theme Park Day Trip
– Golf Outing
– Winery Tour
– Wine Tasting
– Brewery Tour
– A Museum Tour
– A Facial, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, etc.
– Fashion Show
– Sporting Events
– Gift Certificates
– Private Concert
– A Goodwill Mission
– Stock Certificates
– Limousine For a Night
– Catered Experiences
– VIP Parking or Spaces
– Cosmetic Surgery
– A Painting or other Work of Art
– Landscaping Packages
– Seats at (concerts, sports, festival, wine tasting, etc.)
– Pet Service
– Cigar Party
– Professional Services
– Military Installation Tour
– Culinary Arts
– Health Club/Spa Experience
– Sports Training
– Handmade Crafts
– Guided Hunting/Fishing Trip
– Win a car, truck, motorcycle, or boat.
– Holiday Experience
– Airplane, Helicopter, or Boat Tour
– Car Racing Day
– Horse Racing Day
– Police or Fire Station Tour
– Gift Baskets
– Beer, Wine, Coffee, or Fruit of The Month Club
– BBQ Afternoon

We have many more ideas too! Please contact Auctioneerist Charity Auctions for a consultation.

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