Live & Online Silent Charity Benefit Auction Fundraisers

Based in San Diego, California, Auctioneerist Charity Auctions offers a fun, energetic, and successful service in auctioneering. With our exclusive specialty being benefit or charity auctions, we at Auctioneerist Charity Auctions are committed to bringing the nonprofit and anyone in need of or fundraising with an alternative approach. With a plethora of auctioning methods at your fingertips, our team of professionals combines their area of expertise to bring your charity auction together for a rewarding event filled with memorable moments. Our award winning auctioneers are passionate about maximizing your organization’s revenue.

Silent Auctions

Auctioneerist Charity Auctions performs a number of auction types; Silent Auctions being among them. Silent auctions are an excellent way to stimulate interest in your charity auction event for reserved beginners. Silent auctions break away from the traditional platform. Though an auctioneer is often present, they don’t perform the mesmerizing chant, calling out the highest bid.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet & Bidding Rules

Instead bidders are typically shown all the items, and given sheets of paper to bid their maximum amount on their desired items. The highest bid wins. This method is common in charity auction events as there can be many activities and themes associated with the silent charity auction. Where the silent auction is not filled with buzzing sounds of bids, it is conducted quietly, each bidder writing down their maximum bid on each item presented at your charity silent auction event. In many cases, the bidders are assigned numbers at registration, to assist in the anonymity among bidders. Win the ballets are turned in the highest bid wins.

Silent Auction Fundraisers

Silent auctions are an excellent way to raise funds for your cause. Couple a silent benefit auction with charity dinner or other a similar event and your charity fundraiser will be filled with a good balance of socializing and generating the revenue your organization needs. Silent auctions are quiet and don’t require the constant attention a host or auctioneer has to display. With the excitement of “will I win” but still engaging in other activities to make it fun and exciting for the attendees wanting to support your charity silent auction and still look for some entertainment. Silent benefit auctions with Auctioneerist Charity Auctions will often generate the generous competitive edge. Not only are folks attending because of the cause, but not knowing what others are bidding will often promote an over market value bid for determined bidders. To ensure the maximum success, we recommend having one item for bidding per two bidding guests.

Live Silent Auctions

For anyone that has attended the live auctions, especially performed by Auctioneerist Charity Auctions, the auctioneer can get everyone’s attention and excite the masses with humor and charisma along with stimulating the senses to over excite the competitive bidding. Including an auctioneer is a great idea as they can still do their part just before the silent auction bidding begins.

Live & Online Silent Charity Benefit Auction Fundraisers in Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, the High Desert & Southern California

Auctioneerist Charity Auctions of San Diego, California takes your silent charity auction seriously. We pull our resources and diligence to ensure your charity event is a success. If you are interested in our silent charity auction service, contact us today to begin your consultation.

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