Building Fundraising Relationships in Huntington Beach, CA. How to Cultivate New Women Donors; Research Causes Important to Them, Provide Financial Transparency & More

Even in the 21st century, there are certain areas of business that are geared specifically towards our male counterparts. When it comes to fundraising opportunities, charity organizations have statistically concentrated their efforts on attracting male donors. If you are interested in increasing your donor base, don’t pigeon hole your organization by concentrating your efforts on one medium. Instead reach out to all potential donors both male and female from all manner of demographics. According to research, female donors actually have a tendency to give more than male donors; the difference is that you will have to work a little harder to secure the donation. Why? Because women donors are likely to be more vested in what they strongly believe in and typically look for a direct involvement within the organization. Their strong set of personal beliefs and enthusiasm for giving to a specific cause will ensure that they continue to give long after the fund raising event has ended.

How to Cultivate Relationships With New Women Donors

Think of cultivating donors, especially women donors, as a business investment that will be part of a lifelong commitment to supporting your cause. Women donors are much more likely to network on behalf of your charity and connect you with other potential donors than men will. Women enjoy gathering people around them to establish meaningful relationships including volunteering and planning opportunities as well as fun networking events. Women are more likely to give to organizations that they can identify with, or those that support causes that have made a very personal impact in their lives. Working towards change is important for many donors who wish to contribute towards the things that they believe in. Have your planning committee do some research regarding any potential female donors such as what types of issues are important and what causes they may have donated to in the past. Much of this information can found online, on sites such as LinkedIn under the organization and volunteer section.

Financial Transparency of Your Charity

One of the most important key elements to cultivating relationships with donors, especially women donors is complete transparency including where and how their money is being used. Be prepared to provide supporting documentation including a comprehensive spreadsheet that shows a visual graph of the goals and growth potential for your charity. Research indicates that female donors are much less likely to contribute to organizations as a status symbol but instead prefer to donate to an organization where they believe they are truly making a difference and touching the lives of those in need. It is important to show your donors, both male and female why their generous contribution matters to your non-profit organization. As a general rule your committee team should avoid the hard sell but focus instead on getting to know your donors and building relationships with them. Develop a set of opportunities to provide situations where their participation can affect a course of change along with opportunities for your donors to collaborate with one another.

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