All Inclusive Vacation Travel, Luxury Trips, Show Tickets & Experiences to Generate Better Bidding at Charity Benefit Auctions in Huntington Beach, CA

When you think about a charity auction you probably think of memorabilia, gift baskets and goods such as jewelry and paintings. These are all great items to find at a benefit auction but you may not have realized that trips, airfare and tickets can also be purchased and bought at a fundraising auction. Goods purchased at a charity auction can bring some fun and character to your home through decor or a boost to your wardrobe, but a trip or travel plan is a great way to build memories that can last a lifetime. If you love to travel to see new places, try new foods and meet new people; this is a great item to look for at the next upcoming benefit auction. Saving money on something you may have purchased anyway is always a great idea. And then there are the other experiences you may never have thought of such as helicopter rides over the Las Vegas strip or a show on Broadway. When you bid and win a trip or all inclusive vacation package at an auction, you not only get a wonderful trip but also save money.

Auctioneerist Lists Travel & Leisure Plans to List at Your Next Charity Auction

Professional Outdoor Activity Lessons: Many people are looking to learn a new skill such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing or any other outdoor activity? Having sets of these lessons available to bid on at an auction is a great place to start. Offering a great deal to learn from a professional in the area that interests your audience is a great idea for an individual trip, couples trip, or even a trip with the entire family!
Show Tickets: Another area that you can come up with that is a great way to start off a fun trip or adventure is with show tickets. There are many kinds of show tickets ranging from tickets to a talk show, entertainment show, Broadway play, musical. Your guests have the opportunity to win these show tickets and you can plan around this activity and end up with a fun and exciting trip to do some things that are new and different.
Airfare: What is worse when planning a trip than waiting for the right time to look for and purchase airfare or your tickets for travel? Offering airline tickets at auction helps to open up a lot more options for your audience. The lucky winner can end up with higher priced tickets and not the full price they would otherwise.
Helicopter or Hot Air Balloon Rides: There are some things you may have never even thought about until you show up at an auction and something as cool as a ride in a helicopter or hot air balloon ride is up! These are not everyday activities but when one shows up and you can get a great deal on it, it is a great item to go after. And your audience will most likely feel the same way.

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