Ideas for Planning a Black Tie & Evening Gown Gala Dinner Fundraising Charity Auction Event In Los Angeles, CA

Auctioneering has been a fun, exciting, and entertaining form of fundraising for charities. Raising funds for your cause is challenging, but with the helpful team of Auctioneerist Charity Auctions, our experienced and passionate staff can apply their expertise and utilize our vast resources to ensure your charity auction is a success!

Planning a Gala Event

One of many benefit auction events is to host a gala dinner auction. Where there is much to do in getting your black tie affair in order, there can be many things to consider that might not occur to you when planning the charity gala dinner auction. At this time, we at Auctioneerist Charity Auctions would like to suggest some tips and advice to assist you on your benefit gala dinner auction adventure.

Traditional Gala Dinner Auction Program Formula

For starters, the three major components for decades of charity events that have always been the generic recipe. It consists of a three course dinner menu, speeches given by sponsors, and naturally, the auction itself. But where they are the typical ingredients and oh so predictable, it might be more prudent for the nonprofit organizer to consider adding a little pizzazz and flare to their gala dinner auction to avoid the regular attendees from getting bored and annoyed due to the mundane event, and to avoid people showing little interest or even worse; not attending at all.

Exciting Charity Gala Experience

Finding the element of surprise can indeed be challenging; especially to the host that has little experience with gala dinner auctions. But some creativity can really be the secret ingredient that can turn your benefit gala dinner auction event into a successful and memorable experience.

Gala Dinner Fundraising Auction Event Proposal

When planning your charity gala dinner fundraising auction, keep in mind the following:
Shorten or Cut the Sponsor Speeches. It is customary to invite the sponsors to say a few words at the charity gala dinner auction. However, sometimes the speeches can drone on longer than intended, and the speaker might get off track and say some things that can put the crowd off. Instead of scheduling long speeches, prepare a video of the major sponsors with a few words and play it on a big screen during the event. This tactic can manage time better, as well as ensure the appropriate message gets sent.
Fundraising Dinner With Good Food & Friends. The best way to win hearts is with good food! You are a hosting a benefit gala dinner auction. When people know they are getting dressed up for dinner and an auction, they know good food is coming and will often plan on eating at the event. Ensure your menu is packed with good food most people are to consume (avoid foods that are high allergenic). When planning the itinerary, be sure that the dinner is relatively soon on the agenda. People have come hungry and if the guests have to wait an excessive amount of time to eat, they may not be as generous with their funds.
Perform the Auction Sooner Rather than Later. Many charity gala dinner auction attendees know they are there to help a cause. It is fairly expected, but they also are using the opportunity to socialize and network. To allow people more time to relax and enjoy the evening, perform your auction early on in the evening or in the middle of the scheduled event at the latest. Bidders and donors will be more charitable and the rest of the evening can be filled with entertainment and socializing.
Perfect Gala Dinner Auction Venue Setup. Traditionally, event hosts will often set up the stage at the head of the room, but that tactic can make the people in the back feel removed and disinterested. Instead setup a circular stage where people can be gathered in closer to the action and feel more involved.

Charity Benefit Auctions in Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, the High Desert & Southern California

For nonprofit organizations, the tricky part is making it an entertaining and eventful evening without going over budget. Always keep that in mind. Where planning such an event on your own can be overwhelming and difficult, you can always take advantage of a valuable resource. The Auctioneerist Charity Auction team specializes in charity auctions and works exclusively in this arena to help nonprofit organizations and groups raise the funds they need. We can help plan the event, market, advertise, and reach out to sponsors and donors to make your charity gala dinner auction a success, as well as make it fun so that you can have regular attendees at future events. Call us today to get started planning your next successful event. Let’s Make Auction Magic!

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