Tips For How to Run a Successful Charity Auction Fundraiser in Huntington Beach, CA & Raise More Money for Your Cause

Holding a charity auction is a great way to earn money. For whatever reason you are holding the event, you want to make sure it is a successful one. Auctioneerist is here to share some tips to help you have as much success as possible when holding your charity auction.

Know Your Charity Auction Audience

When you are planning your next charity auction, you should take into consideration the audience that will be attending. Be involved in your community and have items that appeal to the donors that will be attending the event. As you are planning, keep in mind the interests that your audience has and think outside the box. Utilize your community to come up with items that are in high demand in that area. These items might include tickets to local theaters or restaurants, sporting events or even hotels and spas. You may even want to have a theme involved in your auction, like superheroes or princesses. The possibilities are endless. If you understand the people that will be making the donations, you are far more likely to have a successful fundraiser. Auctioneerist has lots of proven and unique ideas that will generate excitement and ultimately revenue for your fundraiser.

Get the Word Out About Your Charity Auction

In order for your charity auction to be successful, you need to promote and advertise it well. You can send out invitations, sell tickets, or even email potential donors. Social media is a great platform for getting the word out. You want as much exposure as you can get to generate excitement about your upcoming auction.

Pick the Right Auctioneer

You want to invest in the right person to be the auctioneer at your event as the auctioneer you hire can make or break your charity auction. You want someone that will be able to generate excitement during the bidding process as well as deal with bidding lulls. The auctioneer will pace the bidding and end up helping you immensely in raising money. You want an auctioneer that has the right amount of experience to help you have a successful night. Some people opt for a celebrity with no experience in auctions and are ultimately disappointed. Johan Graham is a leading auctioneer and celebrity featured on shows such as the popular A&E Storage Wars so by hiring Auctioneerist, you get the best of both worlds!

Importance of Venue Selection; How to Choose the Right Event Venue

When choosing where to have your auction, you should keep a couple of things in mind. You want to make sure the venue will be big enough to comfortably hold your audience. On top of that, your venue should have good lighting. It is important that people are able to clearly see the items up for auction and that the lighting showcases them well. You will want to make sure your location has a good sound system too, so that the entire audience will be able to hear what is going on and be able to fully participate.

Display Charity Auction Fundraising Items

To help generate excitement, you should set up a display of the items being auctioned. There may be some items that are in higher demand and you want to showcase them accordingly. Find a way to intermingle items to help raise more money for your cause.

Charity Benefit Auctions in Huntington Beach, San Diego & the High Desert & Southern California

By following these steps, you are sure to have a successful charity auction. Auctioneerist offers award winning auctioneers with years of experience and expertise. We would love to assist you in your next charity auction. Contact us today for more details!

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