Why You Should Hire a Professional Auctioneer For Your Charity Benefit Auction Fundraiser in San Diego, CA

Are you hosting a benefit auction? If you are, you’re probably wondering who you should hire for your auctioneer. Maybe you can hire a local celebrity. After all, they’re sure to draw a good crowd. Or perhaps you want to save some money and ask a fast talking friend or family member? Unfortunately, this is a common mistake made when holding an auction. If you want a successful auction, Auctioneerist Charity Auctions recommends you hire a professional and outlines why below.

Auctioneers Do More than Chant & Bid Calling!

A good auctioneer will be with you from the beginning and we’ll help you coordinate throughout the entire event. An experienced auctioneer will give expert advice on your auction items and tell you in what order to sell them to ramp up and keep the interest throughout the night. Auctioneers have great advice on more than just your auction goods too. We have a whole lot of experience you can glean; from ideas on entertainment, to what food and drinks to serve. We’ve been around many different kinds of auction events, so don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions. You want everyone who attends your benefit auction to enjoy themselves, right? Auctioneers know that keeping energy high, with people having a good time makes for a successful, memorable and profitable auction event.

Auctioneers Have Proven Strategies to Engage & Keep the Audience’s Attention

An auctioneer is what some call a “people pleaser”. A dedicated auctioneer will take the time to get to know the crowd he or she is dealing with. We will find the proper strategy to keep your audience happy and interested throughout the event. Lose the interest of your guests and you’ll lose money. Auctioneers have built their careers on being able to work with crowds while knowing the nature of each auction. We know when to use humor and when to use sentiment. We know when to soften the price on a sale or be firm on the value. In the end, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional auctioneer is that we can raise more money for your cause.

Auction Law, Rules & Regulations

Have you ever considered Auction Law? Did you know there is over 500 different auction terms used during an auction and each hold a meaning that an auctioneer must know. The local celebrity, friend, or family member most likely will not know these industry terms. Each term holds a specific meaning and to misspeak a term can hold legal consequences. Auction laws are very much enforced. To be a successful auctioneer is a lifelong study. This is the education you’re truly paying for. It’s not something that can be learned overnight and only a few have dedicated their education so as to be the best in their field.

Charity Benefit Auctions in Huntington Beach, San Diego, the High Desert & Southern California

Although you won’t be as fast, most people can achieve an auctioneer chant with practice. But can most people know the true value of the auction items and ramp up interest to get you the best deal? Can just any lay person adjust to each crowd to keep them excided in the auction? Does just anyone know all of the terms used in auctions and the legal laws that surround them? These are the questions one should ask when preparing to host a benefit auction. Auctioneerist Charity Auctions knows that hiring an experienced professional auctioneer will guarantee a successful charity auction that everyone will enjoy, hold fond memories for years to come and leave all attending looking forward to the next one!

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