How to Ask for & Solicit Unique, Low Cost Live & Silent Auction Items & Experiences that Sell for Your Next Charity Benefit Fundraising Auction in San Diego, CA

Raising money for your charity organization can be a tricky undertaking, especially when it comes to approaching sponsors for donated items that your bidders will be guaranteed to go head-over-heels crazy over. Finding creative ways to market your live auction and big-ticket packages can be quite an undertaking, even more so when it comes to ensuring the items you are procuring will be an instant hit. According to the knowledgeable experts at Auctioneerist Charity Auctions, there is one tried and true formula to finding items that will have your donors salivating and chomping-at-the-bit to bid on and that is to acquire items that cannot be purchased or found anywhere else.

Networking to Find Quality Auction Items to Generate High Bids

Sit down with your auction committee and brainstorm to get some ideas by thinking outside of your regular list of contributors. Make a list of individuals or companies that your board members, volunteers, team members and sponsors may be able to set up a meeting time with. Don’t worry if someone comes up with an idea and they don’t have an inside contact, make the connection and ask anyway. The best thing that can happen is you develop a new lasting relationship with a potential donor and the worst that can happen is that they say no. The more people you ask, the more likely you are to succeed.

Unique, Creative & Exciting Auction Items & Experiences

Take advantage of your location, if you are near an airfield for example, you could ask if a pilot would donate their time for a flying lesson or airplane ride. Or if you are located in the country, you could ask a sponsor to offer a guided horseback tour through the countryside. If you are located on the shore, you could ask a local surfing instructor to offer a free surf lesson, or approach a fishing charter to donate a guided fishing tour. The opportunities close to home are endless and often overlooked by non-profit organizations. Other ideas include a personalized meal or dessert made by a famous local chef for the winning bidder.

Celebrity Charity Auction Experiences

Do you or someone you know have access to a celebrity, musician or famous athlete? Think beyond signed memorabilia. If you can get them to donate their time to attend a personalized one-on-one lunch with the highest bidder, you have an opportunity to generate high-dollar funds on an essentially untapped resource; especially when you consider that the overhead cost will be the price of the actual lunch. Another lucrative fundraising opportunity that requires no more than a donation of time is to find a famous athlete such as a football or tennis pro who is willing to donate a lesson to the highest bidder.

Once in a Lifetime Golden Auction Experience Opportunities

Brainstorm for a list of items that are not only one-of-a-kind experiences but that are also unique, for example a walk-on appearance in a local theater production or TV show. Contact your local television station and ask about opportunities for a donation of time for a guest news anchor spot or traffic reporter. Also examine opportunities thorough local organizations such as a special after-hours tour of your local zoo or sanctuary for a close up of the animals and even a hand’s on experience with the baby animals.

Charity Auction Event Night Planner; Customized Packages

Event night auction items are always well received and appreciated by guests as they can be enjoyed immediately. Some of the most lucrative choices designed to bring in high dollars include:
• Reserve the best table in the room to be auctioned off on auction night.
• Instant cocktails: Have a local high profile mixologist create a customized cocktail at your winning guests table.
• Instant appetizers: Have a local chef create a special appetizer for the winning bidder tableside.

Charity Benefit Auction Fundraiser Consulting, Planning & Auctioning in Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, the High Desert & Southern California

By taking the time to connect with your guests and their passion for your cause as well as the full service charity and benefit auction consultants at Auctioneerist Charity Auctions, you will be sure to excel at your next big fundraising event. Contact us to start planning today!

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