Tips to Promote Your Cause When Running Your Next Charity Auction in Los Angeles, CA & Other Good Fundraising Ideas to Make Your Special Event More Successful!

When you are holding a charity auction, it is always for a cause. In the midst of all the merchandise that people have their eyes on, it is easy for that cause to fall to the back burner. Auctioneerist Charity Auctions is here to share some tips to help you keep your cause in the forefront of the contributor’s minds as well as some ways you could include other donation avenues to get more money for that cause by the end of the event!

Importance of Emphasizing Your Cause Amidst Excitement of Auction Items

You never want the focus of your charity event to be the auction items themselves. Or course, you want your contributors to be excited about the items up for bid, but it is rarely the items themselves that bring in the most money. People are more likely to donate more money when they know more about the cause and reason for the event in the first place. When contributors know that the money they are giving is going to be used for good, they are more likely to donate and participate, bringing in more money for the event.

How to Promote Your Cause at Your Fundraising Charity Auction

You want the cause and charitable nature of the event to be in the forefront of everyone’s mind when holding a benefit auction. Here is how you can accomplish this:
Share the story behind the cause. Have the person or people you are serving share their story at the event if that is something they are comfortable with.
Create a video that tells in detail about your mission, and the cause behind your organization.
• At the event share information that tells the supporters what their money will go towards in helping the cause.
Remember to be humble and grateful as you are asking for and encouraging people to bid.

Other Good Fundraising Ideas & Donation Avenues to Make Your Special Event More Successful

When holding your charity auction, having other donation avenues will give all your guests a chance to contribute and participate. Not everyone will end up bidding, but if you have other ways they can contribute to the cause, the event will be more successful. There will be bidders that don’t win the items they bid on, and other avenues gives them a chance to walk away with something from the event as well. Here are other donation avenues other than the charity auction itself:
Raffle– You will more than likely have many items donated for your auction. One way to include everyone and give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the night is with a raffle. Highlight one of the goods that was donated and make a raffle out of it.
Live Appeals– Requesting donations in person is a way to bring in more money by the end of your event. It makes it real for the audience if you have some way for them to watch the donations grow. This can be done with a thermometer or other ways of measuring donation success.
Selling Merchandise– What better way to advertise your organization and bring in more money at an event than to sell merchandise with the logo and cause of your organization on it. Whether it is with clothing, drink-ware, or writing utensils, selling merchandise is a great way to give people a way to go home with something.

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