NAA 5th Annual Benefit Auction Summit 2016 in San Diego, CA; Contract Auctioneers, Silent Auctions & Fundraiser Event Planning Ideas

Like most industries, there are many opportunities which cater to the professionals in an effort to expand their expertise and skills. Auctioneerist Charity Auctions recently attended such an event this past weekend in our hometown of San Diego, California. Like minded auctioneers and auctioneering firms gathered together to share some knowledge and experience to enhance the practices of other benefit auction houses. Today, we would like to shine the spot light on the event to share to our valued clients some the many ideas and experiences we participated in.

Need for Hiring a Professional Auctioneer

Reinforced at such past events, was the need to have a professional auctioneer, auctioning the goods and services at charity auction events. With the expertise and experience we possess, we have the ability and talents to arouse the crowds, pique interest and stimulate the masses into creating the enthusiasm and maximum bidding to make any charity auction a success. In short, a major ingredient to a successful charity auction is the professional charity auctioneer.

Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Designation Awarded by the National Auctioneers Association

To give a better understanding, let us first share the fact that there was a professional auctioneer association founded in 1949. It is the NAA or the National Auctioneers Association; by far the world’s largest association dedicated to professional auctioneers. Due to high demand, the NAA offers BAS or Benefit Auctioneer Specialist designations, to honor the auctioneers that demonstrate highly acquired skills. Some of the prerequisites to obtaining this designation is continuing education with more classroom hours and extensive experience. Organizations looking for benefit auction fundraisers will do well seeking out a professional with the BAS designation to ensure a smooth, efficient, and successful benefit auction event.

Continued Education for Auctioneers

At the Benefit Auction Summit event, the primary events focused mainly on the continued education element for benefit auctioneers. From all over the country, benefit auctioneers banded together in an effort to develop their current skills and excel in their profession in an effort to assist nonprofit and charitable organizations and communities. With such an incredible turnout this year, many professional charity auctioneers had the opportunity to absorb many new ideas to encourage bidder’s generosity.

Benefit Auction Summit Event Schedule

This year’s Benefit Auction Summit was just as beneficial for Auctioneerist Charity Auctions. After briefly catching up with friends around the country, we attended many inspiring discussions.
– “Contract or Not to Contract? A Discussion of Working as a Contract Benefit Auctioneer and Hiring Them” – Bobby D. Ehlert, Christie King, Nelson Jay, Jim Nye
– “Auction Road Warrior: Tips and Tricks of Traveling to Your Next Auction” – By Scott Robertson
– “Rapid Fire Sessions” – Forres Meadows, John John Genoves, Tim Keller, Kathy Kingston, and Toney Thornhill
– “Great Ideas
– “How to Set Yourself Apart from Other Auctioneers” – Stephen Kilbreath
– “Runaround/Fund-A-Need” – Chad Carvey
– “What do you do the Day of an Event?” – Panel
– “Silent Auctions: To Tech or Not to Tech” – By Tony Wisely

Charity Benefit Auction Fundraisers in Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, the High Desert & Southern California

With all of these highly beneficial discussions held at the Benefit Auction Summit event, we at Auctioneerist Charity Auctions have gathered even more ideas, tactics, and methods to apply to your next charity auction to ensure its success. If you are in need of a team of experts to help raise funds for your organization, call us today!

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