Plan to Get Your Live Auction Floor Neat & Organized in Los Angeles, CA; Lighting, Spacing, Signage, Gift Certificates & More

Have you ever walked into your storage area searching for a particular item? You hunt through a few boxes only to realize that that chance of finding what you are looking for is slim because you forgot to label the boxes and your storage area is a complete mess. If you are like most people, you will probably give up and get on with the rest of your day. Guests at your auction event will lose interest quickly if they can’t find the items that interest them or the presentation doesn’t entice theme enough to draw them in.

Tips to Ensure Your Live Auction Floor is Organized

Make the most of the space for your next event by paying attention to the following areas to showcase your items and ensure that your auction floor truly shines.
Lighting: There is nothing more disappointing that having your items fade into the background because no one can see them. Once you have decided on the location for your auction event, be sure to visit the venue and check out the available lighting. If the room has a natural light source plan ahead to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of light especially if the event is scheduled in the evening.
Spacing: Crowding packages together in one small area should be avoided at all costs. Your guests will lose interest quickly if they have to hunt through the items to find the ones that may be of interest to them. Place smaller items on a pedestal to showcase them and draw in the attention of your guests. Make sure that you have enough room to place the bid sheet where it can be easily reached to allow people to bid comfortably without bumping elbows with other guests.
Signage: It is imperative that you have the correct information listed on each individual package to ensure that your guests have a full understanding of the items they are bidding on. Information listed should include the donor’s name, any restrictions such as those found on a gift certificate or black-out dates for items associated with restaurants or weekend getaways along with any other conditions related to those items.
Gift Certificates: Gift certificates can be hard to display since they are often nondescript and generic in appearance. One of the best ways to separate and showcase gift certificates is to print out a sign that contains the name of the venue or event and the amount for each gift certificate and place it in a photo frame. Your guests will be able to easily identify each certificate in order to make their bids.
Online Bidding: The thought of utilizing technology for an auction event can be a frightening proposition for many organizations. However when done properly it can be an untapped resource especially for securing bids from people who have a natural tendency to avoid crowds. Online bidding also creates an opportunity for people who are unable to attend your event due to conflicting schedules. You can also showcase extra items to further stop overcrowding of packages at your event venue.

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