Tips & Ideas for Silent Charity Benefit Auction Fundraising Set Up Display; Creative Signs & Descriptions, Spotlighted Items & Easy Bidding Rules

When it comes to arranging a silent auction event to raise money for your organization or charity, keeping the attention of your bidders can often be an overwhelmingly daunting task. The knowledgeable professionals at Auctioneerist Charity Auctions offer full service charity and benefit auction services. We have compiled a list of insider tips to help you prepare your silent auction displays and capture the undivided attention of your donors!

Tips to Ensure Your Silent Auction is a Complete Success

If you are thinking about organizing a fundraising event for your charity, you may be interested in considering a silent auction fundraiser. One of the fundamental keys to a successful silent auction is to include an appropriate number of items. It’s wise to focus on quality over quantity and you definitely don’t want more items than you have people to bid on them! If you are expecting a group of 100 people, no more than 25 silent auction items are sufficient. Having 50 silent auction items and only 100 guests isn’t going to get the bidding war going! Individual items not worth as much can be grouped together with other items to help achieve quality over quantity. The trick is to showcase your items in the best possible light to ensure that you raise the most money possible for your charity or organization.

Prominent Placement of Your Silent Auction Items

One of the terms most often used in real estate is “location is everything” and the same also applies in the case of silent auctions. The most prominent placement area for your display is to group the items on display tables on the right side after entering through the main area. Why? Because you are following the natural flow of traffic which will ensure that all of your guests examine the tables as they pass by. Tables can be moved inside to a more open location once your guests have all arrived and are inside the building.

Use Attractive, Creative & Easy to Read Silent Auction Signs & Descriptions

Every item should be displayed with a description of what the item includes, its uniqueness and approximate retail value. Any limitation or restrictions that may apply should also be clearly noted. Use large fonts and bullet points that can be easily read in subdued lighting.

Display your Silent Auction Items to Their Best Advantage

Allow your guests to touch and feel items they are interested in bidding on. If you have items of clothing, display them on mannequins to ensure they can be property viewed. If you have an item such as a service that has been donated, be sure to include quality photographs that accurately represent the service being offered.

Spotlight Featured Silent Auction Items

Place your key item or items in an area that is highly visible. Use a back drop and ensure it is properly lit using a spotlight. Make sure one of your staff or volunteers are located close to the display to converse with your interested bidders and talk about the item, answer questions and list any interesting facts and other pertinent information.

Make the Silent Auction Bidding Process Easy

Assign each guest a bidder number which is much easier to read than a phone number. Keep in mind that your guests will almost always be carrying something such as a drink or handbag. Make it easier for them to maneuver the bid sheet by securing it to the table and attaching a pen with a chain.

Silent Auction Services in Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, the High Desert & Southern California

By following these simple silent auction tips, keeping the bidding fun and exciting and with the help of the professionals at Auctioneerist Charity Auctions, you will be sure to excel at your next silent charity auction. For more information regarding full service Charity & Benefit Auction Services & Consulting in Southern California contact the knowledgeable professionals at Auctioneerist today.

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