Benefits of Including an Online Auction Extension to Your Next Live Auction; for Bidders, Buyers & Charity Fundraising Organizations in Los Angeles, CA

Supplementing live auctions with online auctions is becoming more popular because it reaches more bidders while still maintaining an intimate grass roots feel. Some people love the excitement and teasing of live bidding. Daring Tina from the PTA to bid more than you on a luxury vacation or bidding up homemade cookies against the baker’s spouse is all in good fun. Other people are more shy and would prefer to place bids more discreetly online. Adding an online auction component to a live auction can utilize the best of both worlds!

Advantages of Online Charity Auctions for Fundraisers

• All bidders can access items and make bids at any time; anywhere. This can mean more revenue as Susan from Chicago can bid on your item in San Diego.
• Links can be emailed or even put on Facebook and social media, and sent to family and friends to widen the bidder pool. Getting the word out there can ensure that your target audience is reached and allows them to reach out further to get more bidders and contributors to your cause.
• Data collected is automatically electronically recorded. Data such as bidder and contributor information. Reports can easily be made and compared to other organizations and stored for your future use.
• Allowable time extension. Every time a bidder places a bid, the total bidding count down time can be increased by 20 or 30 seconds (as fixed by the online auction administrator). Therefore the time for bidding is extended which gives more opportunity for bidders to participate in the auction.

Benefits of Online Charity Auctions for Bidders & Buyers

• Bidders can bid from the convenience of their own home; any time, anywhere (until the auction is officially over that is). Bidders don’t have to get a babysitter or dolled up. They can bid online wearing pajamas or in between running errands if they like!
• Clear information about each auction item. The related information about each auction item is neatly typed on the website. Bidders can read these descriptions before participating in the auction and know exactly what they are bidding on. There is less confusion.
• Easy to find items. Perhaps the bidder has heard a rumor about a particular item up for grabs. There is no waiting around for the item to come up or uncertainty if they have missed it. In an online auction, the products are placed under proper categories and subcategories which makes it easy to search and locate them to bid on.
• Quick results with real time price updates. As bidders participate via an online auction, the results are instantly shown with no time delay. The bid amount or price is updated when the bidding is placed. Also, the results are showed on the site immediately when a bidder wins the item.

Online Charity Auctions in Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, the High Desert & Southern California

Where online auctions can reach more bidders, most people still prefer the traditional live auction to raise money for their charities. That’s why Auctioneerist Charity Auctions offer a service that combines both. We have the experience and expertise to offer online auctions as an supplement to our exciting live auction events. So let Auctioneerist Charity Auctions help you organize your next auction to make your endeavor more profitable. You bring us your charity and we’ll help you with the rest, from fundraising ideas to event execution to make your fundraisers a success.

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